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Aids to Navigation Leader


As a specialized company in the field of route signs, Woori Marine Co., Ltd.provides total service in the field of route signs that covers not only design and manufacture, but also installation and maintenance.


Since 2010, Woori Marine Co., Ltd. has mainly commercialized lighthouse, light buoy, LED lamp, and remote monitoring system, and in 2012, it developed its own Automatic Identification System (AtoN AIS) for route signs and received ROHS and CE certification. In addition to AIS, we focused our capabilities on the development of new LED lighthouse and released LED-300, LED-200, and integrated lighthouse that dramatically supplemented the shortcomings (light amount, nose) of the existing old LED lamp in 2013-2014.


Our marine products, which consume less power than other companies, have more stable functions, and are excellent in waterproofing and dustproofing, operate in ports across the country, including eight major ports in Korea, and are expanding their business areas to Southeast Asia along with the domestic market.


In the future, we will continue to solidify our position as a specialized company in the field of route signs and, at the same time, establish a foothold for a leap forward through the construction of a new office building to grow into a representative company of route signs that are on par with leading overseas companies.

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